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Magic rollers by OIA Collective contain specially selected crystals and essential oils combined to nurture and bring balance to our days.

Sleep Potion

Amethyst – protection. Cleaner par excellence of the body, mind and aura. Create a purple bubble that protects people and spaces. Help for people suffering from insomnia or nightmares. Work with the Ajna chakra of intuition.

Lavender – helps calm the nervous system. It promotes restful sleep and relieves tension.

Cedar – calms the mind and body with its woody aroma. Promote relaxation for deep sleep.

Mystic Woman

Rose Quartz – the crystal of love. Work the Anahata chakra of the heart, compassion, sweetness and softness. Connection with the Feminine Divinity.

Vetiver – calms and stabilizes emotions. Connect with the mystery.

Geranium – balances hormones. The quintessential woman’s oil.

Lavender – soothing and relaxing properties. Relieves skin irritations. Connect with intuition.

Ylang Ylang – antioxidant support, floral aroma. It lifts the mood and produces a calming effect.

Uplift Potion

Citrine – represents the Sun. Connects with joy, energy, prosperity, luck and creativity. Work with the Manipura chakra of the solar plexus.

Grapefruit – invigorating and energizing. It serves as a purifying agent in skin care. Be careful with sun exposure when using.

Mint – promotes clear breathing, which helps clear the mind. Helps activate the nervous system and energizes with its minty aroma.


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